Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lil' Dove's First Diaperless (almost) Outing

We were halfway to the mall so that Gumby could enjoy their play area when for some odd reason, we suddenly realized that no one brought the diaper bag.  Deeda was the first to say "Skip it! What's the worst that could happen?" And, after I gave a few of my concerns of exaggerated worse case scenarios, my panic gave way to logic and I realized we could buy some cheap wash cloths to use as diaper inserts or disposable paper diapers if need be. We held course. 

What *is* the worst that could happen?

After what was kind of a rough day between Gumby and I, we were all going to the mall to play!

We've been practicing Natural Infant Hygiene since day one with Lil' Dove.  And, wouldn't it be nifty if we could go for just a few hours free from the dependency of the diaper (other than the one she was currently wearing and without having her sit in mess for any time at all)?

Not that we don't have "off" days where I just can't seem to be in touch with Lil' Dove's needs to eliminate (pee-pee or poo), but there are good days.  And, that evening was a good day.  We played; she pottied; we returned home with Lil' Dove in the same dry diaper we left the house with.  No diaper bag.  Yes :)


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