Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family Life Daily Pictures (4/10/2012)

Why wouldn't I put this picture in here?  LOOK AT HER <3

This is a blue print for the creation below.  Not bad, eh?  Gumby's favorite play characters are Ernie and Chicken.  Chicken is a dog toy rubber chicken that the dog never got to play with.  Poor dog. :P
Gumby has been making collages.  I'll find her gathering up construction paper, safety scissors and sometimes colored matchsticks and creating something.  This time she wanted to create Chicken and Ernie.  I could never quite ascertain which of the two this was supposed to be.  I thought it was Ernie, then she added a beak.  She asked me to cut a few of the shapes and she glued them together.  At any rate, I think it looks just like the blue print!

10 Weeks 2 days ... BLUE EYES <3

Picking glue off of her hands from the collage project.  What kid doesn't like to pick glue?

Gumby wanted to set the timer and get a picture of everybody ... so, we did :)