Sunday, April 29, 2012

Play Dough Extensions!

I've been trying to set up fun & unique activities that we do not do all of the time for Gumby to do somewhat quietly and independently on the floor in our bedroom while I am getting Lil' Dove to sleep for her naps. 

One thing that I have been trying is using things that we already have and use, but combining them with other things in a new way.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the play invitation, but I did not. 

It includes:
I just left everything out and let Gumby have at it! 
She also went to get her play dough cake and cookie baking set which she just loves to add to the fun.

We did these after I joined in the fun.  I made the top one, Gumby added some things to it and she did the bottom one by herself.  It was a bummer they couldn't really stand up because she was ready for some character pretend play!

Working on her play dough guy. 

Letter sandwiches.  Gumby stamped the play dough with the letters, cut them out with her scissors, then put a mosaic shape on the bottom and top for the 'bread' :)

Sleeping baby ;)

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