Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things to do Instead of Making the "Fake House"

In one of my favorite episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond", Deborah and Ray get into an argument because she is cleaning and he is watching TV and won't help.  They are getting company and she wants to make the house look extra nice.  Ray reasons that since that isn't the way the house would normally look, she is wanting to create a "fake house".  True. 

But, I have super duper company coming tomorrow, and at least a somewhat faux home I must create.  Or, at least clear them a path to walk and a place to sleep, right? 

But what fun is that?  While I am anxiously awaiting their visit, I have such a hard time actually getting onto the chores.  Instead, I like to do the following ... :)

1.) Take a shower.

2.) Watch a movie that you've seen 100 times.

3.) Check Facebook.

4.) Make hot tea ... lots of hot tea.

5.) Eat chocolate ... also, lots of chocolate.

6.) Lay with the kids.

7.) Write a blog entry.

8.) Find someone to chat with or send texts to.

9.) Stare at the dust bunnies, hoping they will come alive to help.

10.) Start a new messy project such as cleaning/sorting the closet or unused cupboards.

What are your favorite ways to waste time?