Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family Life Daily Pictures (4/14/2012)

We had a really fun Saturday, but the batteries in the camera were dead and I was too lazy did not take
 have time to change them.  If I could have photographed the best parts of the day, I would have a picture of Gumby riding in the cart at Wal-mart kissing my hand as I pushed the cart and of her and Deeda putting the finishing touches in to her fish tank.  Fish are still to come.

But as it is, my kind husband took these pictures of everyone sleeping so that I could have pictures for the day.  So, here we are after are fun and busy day of running around town :

Gumby snoozing in her own bed.  It's been a cat bed and laundry sorter for years, but a few weeks ago, she decided "i want to sleep in my room."  so, here she is :)  Sometimes she still visits in the big bed <3 

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