Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family Life Daily Pictures (4/22/2012)

piggy back ride :)

cute baby in blue jeans :)

look at that smile!  12 weeks :)

Gumby buttoned her own sweater <3

Gumby loves picking her own outfits and getting dressed.  she also loves packing who is coming on car trips with us!

Gumby <3 Deeda

Have Dolly will travel!


Playing at the mall was so exciting that Lil' Dove fell asleep

Gumby loves her lil' sis

Gumby's been giving out the most awesome biggest kisses eva!

Supa size mooch for Deeda!

YIPPPEEE!!!  Shes' been sooo into jumping!

Possibly my most favorite picture of Gumby nursing ever <3