Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Life Daily Pictures (4/19/2012)


lovebug :)

Fun with a big ball named "Squirmy" after Squirmy Wormy, another one of Gumby's nicknames.  Everyone got to play w/ that ball ... Chase and Gracie are such patient puppy dogs ...
Measuring legs for play table with Deeda

Helping Deeda build an oak play table.  Safety first!

Lil' Dove in woven wrap.  The ring sling is great for nursing/napping, but I still love my wrap!
Gumby build this today :)

Biggest Smile Ever!

Talking ... "ooooh!  ah ooooh" ... <3

So much to say!

"You will never get me clean!" yells Gumby as she covers herself in colored shaving cream.

Oh, but I did get her clean.  I did! :P