Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Theme Bathtime Fun

Gumby loves her baths!  It was just last year bath time was a struggle, but we worked through it and now Gumby can't wait for a nightly bath.  I *tried* to keep her out of the tub tonight to get it ready, but I couldn't!  She just couldn't wait to hop into her Thanksgiving bath.
Everything was safe and set up for Lil' Dove (9 months) to join in as she is also in love with the water, but she slept through our Thanksgiving celebration (one day early in our home as we always head to my parents house for Thanksgiving Day) and she slept through bath with a really early bed time.  I was heartbroken that she went to bed so early tonight!
The weather was beautiful; we went to the park and apparently Lil' Dove outdid herself. 
Here are the girls enjoying the playground :)

Anyway, here is the bath! :) 
* Orange water
* Red and yellow bubbles
* Silk fall leaves
* Red/orange/yellow toys to chew, pour, play with
* A couple of pinecones
* New bath crayons
* Foam pumpkins
* Foam cut outs that could be put together to make turkeys.
 I showed Gumby how to build the turkey.
She had other ideas.
 Isn't the tub lovely the way she lined it up. 
Time to open the crayons.  She was still thinking about turkeys, but she had her own ideas.

She wanted to DRAW turkeys! 
I can never tell for sure where things will lead as Gumby is a very creative and independent thinker.  We do our best to follow her lead.  She loved her Thanksgiving Bath!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!