Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Election Day 2012

This day was made possible by those *wonderful* political phone calls & Gumby. Honestly, I had no intention of even going to the polls. Bad, I know. Politics, history, etc have no interest to me. Zilch. Nada. I would rather watch my pets shed fur.

Yesterday, yet another political call came across our answering machine. (See above, no way am I answering the phone). Gumby asked who it was and what they wanted. So, I told her it was a political campaign and they wanted us to vote for somebody for President of the United States.
Gumby's reply: "Can I do it?" 

Isn't her ambition and thirst for knowledge inspiring?

After explaining that one has to be 18 years old, I told her she could go with us; thereby setting a good example, educating, and all that.

I wanted to show her who the main two candidates were and introduce her to the idea of an election. I decided to go with coloring pages of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, the United States map, the United States flag and a picture of Ohio.

Working on her coloring pages, already dressed and ready to go vote!

After Lil' Dove wakes from her nap, we usually roughhouse. Immediately after roughhousing, Gumby brought her stuff to "my house" so she could continue coloring in the company of her lil' sis. She asked for the flip book so she could see what the United States flag looked like.

The finished products. Deeda got Mitt Romeny in his family mailbox to take to work. Gumby apologized to me for messing up the flag (red line where it should be white).

We went to vote as a family.

But first, we stopped at the park to enjoy a beautiful day!

Lil' Dove is nine months old already! Blue eyes and two teeth... <3

Hat off mamma!

4 years 6 weeks ... <3 mamma's love bug

Me: "Smile big!" Her: "How's this?!"

"I'm gonna put these leaves on you!"

Here they come!

Gumby took a picture of me after she buried me.

Where did Gumby go?!

Playing :)

"Do you want to come to my garden? I'm planting a carrot!"

She then covered the carrot with leaves to keep it warm. Here she is digging it back up to pick it! "My first carrot!" she exclaimed.

Her idea - how fun!
There are no pictures of us at the polls -- that I can post here -- Boo :(