Thursday, January 13, 2011

21 Things I Learned from my Daughter

1.)  The meaning and feeling of unconditional love.
2.)  Persistence.  Have you ever truely watched a toddler ... struggling to learn to walk, they fall and fall, but never give up.  So many things that we take for granted, they really have to work at; and work at it, they do.  It's admirable.
3.)  To express your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly.  Even when we just arrive at a relative's house, she has no qualms about clearly stating "I need go home."
4.)  How to make the most comfy beds with pillows and blankets abound.
5.)  Time goes so fast.  Stop to smell the flowers.

Gumby around 22 mo old enjoying clovers in the yard

6.)  Live in the moment.
7.)  The joy of laughing at nothing.
8.)  Patience
9.)  Anything can be an adventure, if you let it.
10.)  Nothing is gross when its your baby.
11.) To be confident in myself and my beliefs.
12.) To trust my instincts.
13.)  The importance of modeling behavior and being the change that you want to see.
14.)  That my dream in life is being a mother.
15.)  Anything is an art canvas and anything is paint.

Gumby around 16 mo old with Hershey's Syrup :)

16.)  Simplify.  Simplify.  Simplify.  Cribs, strollers, walkers, high chairs, play pens, baby food, etc are not necessities. 
17.)  The importance of not just hearing, but truely listening.
18.)  Nursing babies are not going to bite mom just because they get teeth.  In fact, it is physically impossible for one to nurse and bite at the same time.
19.)  Even grocery shopping at the store you loathe can be fun.
20.)  If you can change something, change it.  If you cannot change something, change your expectations instead.
21.)  The house, the laundry, the dishes and anything else can wait, but your baby, family and friends cannot.

Deeda, Gumby, Grammie and Grandpa as Gumby masters walking by pushing her play stroller.
  Thank you Gumby ... :)

What have you learned from your children?