Monday, January 3, 2011

1, 2 O's

Gumby decided she wanted to go to the mall last week.  We always have such a great time at the mall, but her favorite place may not be what you expect.  We are lucky that our particular mall has an indoor children’s play area with large rubbery toys to climb and play on.  Gumby likes to jump out of the huge butterfly into my arms.  She also likes looking at the different items, decorations, mirrors … one can find all sorts of things at the mall.  One day we bought her a bamboo with yellow water beads.  Every time we walk past the bamboo stand, she reminds me that she “has yelly at home.”    Today, she enjoyed counting the letters that made up the names of the different stores.  Bonworth has “1, 2 O’s.” and “just 1 B.”
Today, Gumby jumped off the large butterfly a few times, and then it was time to hit the highlight of the mall:  “I need go bookstore!”  Yes, Gumby’s favorite thing to do at the mall is to go to the bookstore, in the back where she knows the children’s books are located.  We read together.  She has a few favorites, some seasonal, others not.  She enjoys “Goodnight Gorilla” and “The Hungry Caterpillar”.  Today we found a cool pop-up book where she could pull tabs, match up patterns and count. 
Learning is always taking place; sometimes you are not even aware that it is.  Other  times, if one stops to think about it, one may realize that the trip to the mall covered physical education, math,  reading and science just to name a few.


  1. Absolutely! My 2 year old daughter also LOVES books. They were what motivated her to crawl and I'm always having to rearrange her loaded bookshelves to make room for some toys! She 'reads' books throughout the day and will sometimes try to read one to her very active 10 month old sister. Too cute! It's kind of funny to see a 2-year old bookworm but it totally comes from her.
    It's great that you can take a mundane trip such as going to a shopping mall and recognize the learning opportunities there! That's life!

  2. Nice to see another lil' bookworm! :)