Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gumby's First Canvas Painting

She'll be four in three days.  It's like she's a little girl now, officially.  That's another topic though.

For her fourth birthday, one of the gifts her Grammie & Grandpa got her was a stretched canvas painting kit.  It did not take long before she was ready to open it up and paint!

I could not even get ready fast enough.  She jumped right in opening up the paints and carefully pouring them onto the pallet all by herself.

Me: "You're making the tails and manes yellow."
Gumby: "That is how they were in the picture."

Me: "Do you want the picture?"
Gumby: "No, I'll be okay."

"Now, I'll paint the sky blue."

She wanted me to help.  I painted some bushes green and some of the sky blue.  Later we made strips on the dirt path together :)

"The pony will turn lighter as he grows up."

Isn't she proud :)

"I'd like to do this again sometime."
"Only with a white one so I can make whatever I want.  I want to make everyone with their animals and [Lil' Dove]."

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