Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Tribute to Deeda

Sharing his love of the beach with his lil ladies <3
Deeda & Gumby at Presque Isle beach
Showing Lil' Dove Lake Erie for the first time
Playing at Experience Childrens' Museum in Erie
Our favorite Mexican restaurant
Lil' Dove doesn't always like to nurse to sleep ... but she does love Deeda's rocking and cuddling!
Sharing Drinks

Gumby says "I love you"

Deeda taking Lil' Dove on her first Ferris Wheel ride at our local park
Gumby waits for Deeda to get home from work, every day at lunch time and at the end of the day.  Even in the rain!
Lil' Dove loves looking deep into Deeda's eyes and touching his face.

Playing with the girls

Deeda and Gumby waiting to board Thomas the Tank Engine!

First train ride, aboard Thomas the Tank Engine no less! ;)

Deeda takes care of Gumby's night wakings.  Here he is cuddled up with Gumby in her bed.  He's actually half on the floor and half on her bed.  Deeda will do anything for his lil' ladies.


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