Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Life Daily Pictures (5/31/2012)

I first rolled to my tummy on Mother's Day :)  On Memorial Day I first rolled from tummy back to my back! :)  There is no stoppin me!  And, I love this toy!
Sometimes it's still hard to get from my tummy to my back ... but big sis is helping me!  aaaarrrrggghhh!!!

Uh Oh!  Now big sis is stuck too! 

I'm cute upside down too <3
She built a Thingamajiger (from the Cat and the Hat) for everone to ride on out of Megablocks.  Here we go go go go on an adventure; the thingamajiger is up and away ... do you know how cute it is to hear her say "thingamajiger" ?
4 months, 2 days old <3

I like this picture because the smile comes solely from her own fun time in the bath, no prompts from anyone :)

Big sis helping with the bath!

Doesn't your heart just melt looking at this <3

Yes, you can add whip cream and sprinkles to your milk! :)

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