Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Create a Ball Ramp

A ball ramp is a fun, free, educational toy with staying power that you can create quickly and easily in your home.  I was originally inspired by the idea for this from an issue of Mothering Magazine.  I think it used empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls.  I modified the idea to use empty cereal boxes.  The sides of the boxes can be cut to create the ramps.  On this second rendition of the ball ramp, I cut holes to let the balls fall from one ramp to the next.  Previously, I opened a side of the ramp like the very top one and let the balls shoot into the next ramp.  They are affixed to the door with sticky tack.  We do not have a lot of wall space, but this is customizable and could be as large as you wanted to make it!  Gumby loves this toy and plays with it often.  She experiments with putting light balls, heavy balls (she learned that heavy balls will cause the ramps to fall off of the door), crayons and all sorts of different things down the ramp to see what works or what doesn't work.